Soh Teng

Marcus is a very professional trainer. This is my first time getting a trainer and did not know what to expect. However he manages to teach us the basics well and how to do the exercises correctly. Even though the exercises are simple, the corrections he made for us made it more effective, so much so that we can see the changes in our body and the improvements in our physical fitness levels very fast. From the first day where I could not even do a side plank, I can now hold on to one easily for 30 secs after only a few months of training. He also provides knowledge and equips us with skills to continue our fitness journey independently which is much appreciated. He is also very encouraging and friendly and pushes us appropriately.

Luci Richards & Marcus Linfoot

My husband and I booked personal training sessions with Marcus as we wanted to get in shape and loose weight. We really enjoyed the sessions despite Marcus working us really hard. He has a great sense of humour and pushed us to our limit, but not beyond. We noticed a rapid change in our body shape and each session gave us an intensive full body workout. We would highly recommend Marcus. 

Luci, doctor and mum of 2, Singapore 

Hui Mei Tay

I’ll like to take this chance to send thanks for being so patient with me to find out the root of my issues and planning just the right workout for me. 

To start off I have been trying different workouts for a long period of time in hope to lose some inches. The thought of getting a trainer has been on and off my mind because I didn’t know if it would be a waste of money given that I have an old injury. But Marcus started by understanding my body weaknesses and introducing a series of different circuits that not only target fat burning, but also help me to build strength on my old injury. Through Marcus I also realized that I have been doing the typical workout wrongly and I having the proper guidance is the biggest benefit.

Thank you once again Marcus! Will continue to work on my weak areas and hopefully the next time we meet again, I can engage you for some yoga movements :)

Juliet Harper

Marcus has been a tremendous help in not only helping me get more toned but to help me overcome two injuries which I have had for many years. I had received much physio in the past for several shoulder injuries plus a pulled hamstring. In the short while I have worked with Marcus, I have noticed close to no pain in both. He also worked with me on my core and general fitness which noticeably helped me to get a way better time in a recent half marathon. I have only been seeing Marcus for about 8 weeks but people are noticing I have lost some weight and am looking fitter. I feel (nearly) pain free, fitter, healthier and happier.

I would certainly recommend him in a heartbeat and my family are keen to start sessions with him.

Mariana Millan

After not having exercised for a very long time I started training with Marcus. He is incredibly patient, encouraging and the hour just flies by.

I have a lot more energy and started noticing changes just after having had a few sessions. Three months in and I already am a size smaller... Let's just say that I am a much more confident and happier version of myself.

Ollivier Giampietri

After injuring my back, Marcus helped me strengthen my core and gain in flexibility. I have lost 10 kg over a year, my body shape is changing and i feel much better than a year ago

Greg Cam

Top calisthenics instructor , Marcus is absolute quality . Helped me increase strength and remain fit . Amazing motivator and amazing instructor for skill training :- hand stand- skinning the cat- levers ( tuck lever, Front lever and back lever)- human flag

Aris Choo

Marcus is a great motivator, patient & encouraging for a new beginner! He is knowledgeable in body anatomy and is very passionate in what he is doing. There is a great improvement in my posture and backache after a few training session with him after his tailor made exercises for Had learnt how to engage my muscle in a more effective way than before. Great job & thank you Marcus! Will recommend him to anyone who like to engage a good trainer!

Melissa Eliza Au

I've had many different trainers over 20 plus years but I hadn't found a programme that was sustainable. HIIT and Cross Fit style training give quick results but for me I suffered too many injuries, pushed my body too hard.Marcus has helped me find a fitness programme that is not only sutainable but fun and really varied. He has listened to me and my body (probably more than me) to create a programme that challenges my fitness and has given me a body shape I'm much more comfortable with. The calisthenics style workouts are something I've been able to weave into my daily fitness routines and Marcus keeps adding in more moves to keep me on my toes! Thanks to Marcus's care, encouragement, close attention to my body balance, how it is responding to the workouts - I feel my body getting stronger every week. I have already recommended Marcus to all my friends looking for a customized programme with a trainer who truly cares. Thank you Marcus!

Adeline Foo

I have been working out for more than 10 years with several personal trainers and never did i expect i would look and feel tighter than all these years of work, with only 5 sessions with Marcus. He is knowledgeable and is able to achieve the results by teaching me the right way of engaging my muscles. My core strength has improved tremendously. My neck and back problems which have been haunting me simply left me with just a few sessions of proper guidance and training with Marcus. He is a life-saver for me. I would recommend him to anyone in a second.

Patricia Neeves

I'm in my early forties, very sedentary and lazy. Marcus is really bringing back my motivation and in less than one month I already lost weight. Actually I could not be happier... :)Of course I'm choosing better what I eat but his workouts are never boring and I'm always looking back to be challenged. He always bring some new exercises and we can feel the improvement in every session. I highly recommend him.

Hugh Lane

Very effective training - big improvement in strength, range of motion, physique, overall wellbeing. All in less than 3 months. The workouts are intense but Marcus is naturally upbeat and good at motivating as well as monitoring what you are capable of on the day - great tailoring of each workout to your energy and needs. If you want to get in shape and make a dramatic difference, this will do it. Good luck!

Jessy Saber

Marcus is not just a regular fitness trainer, but he is also specialized in rehabilitation.I met Marcus, with a badly injured back, imbalanced body structure and a severely weak core, yet that didn’t stop him from taking me on board and get me to where I am today.As I train with him, through constant communication and thorough explanation, I learn how MY body parts function and what MY body needs. Marcus’s main focus is correcting muscle imbalances and stabilising body movements.What strikes me the most is his eagerness to learn. He always comes back with extensive research and outlooks on my injuries or aches that I haven’t even had a response to from the many specialists I’ve consulted or the physiotherapists I have done treatments with.You can see how much Marcus enjoys training people through his patience, his excitement to see your progress and through his self-educating process with his on-going researches, courses, and medical/physiognomy books reading.From previous experience, I notice that personal trainers tend to get in your face and make you feel less than you are. Marcus’ approach is completely different. He is always reminding me of my milestones and what I have achieved so far. He insists that I inspect my body and sense how it feels, in order to notice and appreciate the big changes happening. And that’s what makes me look forward to the next session EVERY TIME.He makes me comfortable exposing my flaws and talking about my injuries – even though it sounds like nagging! – in order to track my improvements.Marcus thank you for making me believe that I can make good things happen

Ashby Robertson

Marcus is very good at assessing a clients fitness level and structuring a workout to suit. I have been very happy with my improved strength and conditioning since I started with him. He really listens to what I'm saying about the duration, intensity, and recovery times of our sessions. He offers practical advice on lifestyle matters such as diet and activity levels. I am really pleased to have had his guidance throughout this journey. I recommend Marcus to many of my friends and they have also been happy with his professional yet personal assistance.

Rebecca Radley

In just three-months training with Marcus, my body has changed significantly. I started seven months after having my second child. My body was still recovering from pregnancy and I felt quite weak - not to mention 'squishy' in all the wrong places. Within a month, positive changes to my everyday fitness were noticeable. My muscle tone was starting to come back and I felt more upbeat in my daily life. I have since taken part in a triathlon and a 10k race. Marcus helped me prepare my body for both events using a variety of techniques - calisthenics and his great knowledge of how each part of the body interacts with the rest. As a result, I felt incredibly strong in both races and recovered quickly. Marcus has a huge interest in subjects surrounding calisthenics and is always learning something new and helpful to pass on. He takes time to research my personal fitness issues and comes back with solutions. My fitness improves with every training session and we're now working on training for the SC Half Marathon in December. Thanks for all the help so far, Marcus!

Wei Xin Fong

My journey with Marcus has transformed my body. The very apparent result was , I lost weight. Albeit not massive amounts of weight , but it is proven that weight loss is possible with Marcus's training. And all these weight is when I'm still eating like I always do. Imagine if diet control was implemented. Lastly , strength and stamina. This , to me is the most apparent change although it isn't seen with the naked eye. Exercising is not about just losing weight , it is how you feel when you are on about your daily routine. My stamina and strength has increased and I feel awesome! My mentality have also changed. Increasing stamina means you can go on for even longer workouts and exercises that means greater potential weight lost if that's your main goal.

Rory Sample

At the outset from 'googling' or 'YouTubing' calisthenics you'd rightly assume that calisthenics is for the sporting elite. Marcus immediately makes you realise that calisthenics is for anyone at any fitness level, having himself overcome difficulties to become a master of calisthenics. He'll coerce, not push, you into building a balanced body with a strong core. Exercises hindered or deemed unfeasible from previous injuries are explained with anatomical reasoning and logical solutions to overcome the difficulties. As the nature of his certification would suggest the training is progressive with an ever increasing array of bizarrely named exercises that keep you wanting for more.

Sean Alexander Yap

Marcus is a dedicated professional whose firm beliefs in functionality making up his philosophy. In addition to that , his training is able to develop anyone's basics , regardless of their current fitness level. Hence I recommend anyone to come to get their fitness journey started with him so that you are able to see progress from time to time. I have been with a bulky frame for about a year and a half , as well as reaching stagnation in terms of fitness or weight management. Having gone through Marcus's training, I have engaged the whole body through my workouts an hence I am able to manage my weight better alongside aiming to improve my fitness.

Justin Tan

Marcus sure knows his stuff: from the anatomy to the perfect execution of exercises to the diet you need to achieve the body you want. He's extremely patient & bothers to explain the muscle groups being worked as you workout. Instead of going through the motion, he's always assessing your strengths & weakness to tweak your exercise regime. As such, everyone has a unique workout plan from Marcus. Although he pushes you to the limit, he does not overdo it. This helps prevent fatigue & loss of motivation to work out. Invest in Marcus & you'll see results I'm sure!

Anson Fung

Knowledgeable in several fields pertaining to fitness and body, positive attitude and will work realistically without frills to help you. Marcus is passionate in the craft of fitness and making your body into a healthy and strong template. He is a craftsman and thus puts in effort into learning all things mental and physical about making a healthy and strong human being. He will also pay ample attention to your abilities and queries.You'll need someone who's deeply interested in the craft and driven, like Marcus to train you. Their attitudes are different and better towards the whole procedure. Marcus is the man to help make you a healthier and fitter person mind and body.